Artists Relations Information

Artists Relations Information

FEA Labs Artists
As a popular artist using our products, you are an extraordinary asset to FEA Labs.  You are our inspiration to continue to innovate and produce the products on which you rely to create your sound.  You bring our products to life in performances and recording sessions, and you help spread the word about the quality and features that our products have to offer.  You stand out among your peers and your musicianship, talent, and skill are ultimately the best advertisement for our products.
The information provided on this page will provide you with all the details regarding qualification and how to submit an application to become a featured artist at FEA Labs.

Featured Artist Qualifications
You may qualify for the Featured Artist program if you fall into one or more of the following classifications:

  • You are an active musician performing original music live at the regional, national, or international levels.
  • You are an active musical clinician who provides clinics / seminars at the national or international levels.
  • You are an active studio session musician working with other well know artists / bands.

Featured Artist Benefits
As a featured artist, you may be entitled to one or more of the benefits listed here.  However, please keep in mind that the inclusion and extent of any of the benefits listed will depend on the agreement between you and FEA Labs.

  • Limited listing on  Includes a text only listing of up to 100 words plus an external link to your personal musician or band site.
  • Full listing on  Includes an image of the artist, text of up to 250 words, and up to 3 external links.  See the FEA Labs Sample Artist block at the end of this page for an example and more details.
  • Discounts for direct online products purchased for your own use.
  • Priority warrantee and repair service for the working musician.

What’s Expected From Featured Artists
As a featured artist, you agree to become a (limited) representative of FEA Labs and our products.  As such you may be asked to agree to one or more of the following conditional requirements.

  • List the FEA Labs products that you use on your web site(s).
  • Provide an external link on your web site(s) to as an endorsement.
  • Thank FEA Labs for support in DVD credits and physical media (CD / DVD) liner notes.
  • Help spread the word by telling all your friends and colleagues in the business about FEA Labs.
  • Sharing photos and videos on your social media accounts.

Featured Artist Application
Please gather as much of the following items as you possibly can and email the information to  We will get back to you as soon as possible, but please allow at least 2 weeks for a response.

  • A list of FEA Labs products you own and a short description of what you like about the products.
  • A detailed description as to why you would like to join the Featured Artist program.
  • For live performers, a verifiable calendar of performance dates including 6 months past and 6 months future when possible.
  • For studio musicians and clinicians, a verifiable calendar of session / clinic dates including 6 months past and 6 months future when possible.
  • Links to recent music samples, videos, and other relevant media.
  • Links to your site(s) and retail outlet(s) for your recorded music.